What do you think of David Cameron artwork to feature in House of Commons...extract taken from an article in artinfo.com




What do you think of David Cameron?

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Annemarie Wright work featuring in Sight of Sound exhibition at Bristol's View Gallery - running from 13th September to 11th November 2012

This innovative exhibition explores how music and sound influences the visual arts. The show features a diverse group of artwork by local and international artists whose creativity has been taken to new dimensions:





Icons of contemporary music influence the work of three artists with unique styles: Annemarie Wright uses the lyrics of famous musicians to create deeply sensitive portraits. Paul Oz uses rock stars as the subject of lusciously layered paintings with expression that leaps from the canvas. Ed Chapman captures both musical and personal expression in his mosaic portraits.

Sight of Sound takes us on a symphonic journey that stimulates multiple senses.

Check out the video review of the event here - in glorious high definition:

You can also view an ">artist interview with me (if you so desire)...

Old news

Solo Exhibition: Woolff Gallery 25 March - 14 May 89 Charlotte Street London W1T 4PU www.woolffgallery.co.uk +44 (0)207 631 0551 A catalogue for the exhibition can be downloaded below: Click here to download this file

Check out the amazing video of my Woolff Gallery Solo Exhibition created by Prano Bailey-Bond